Our Story

      Everbloom was created in 2023 by Nico Breindembach, a Miami high schooler who wanted to combine his passion for entrepreneurship with his love for nature. As a child who was always eager to build new things, Nico wanted to incorporate the idea of creation into the company he was making. When he mixed the three ideas, Everbloom was born. Named after the flowers' ever-blooming nature, Everbloom incorporates the theme of creation in many areas. Customers can build their flowers from our bouquets and create a special piece of decor for a room, but they also have the opportunity to create their own bouquet from scratch. 

     After seeing the rapid urbanism taking over Miami, Nico sought to develop Everbloom into a company that would also create a positive impact on our environment. With every purchase made on Everbloom, a tree is planted through The Nature Conservancy. This way, every customer would have the chance to make a positive contribution to our planet Earth. With Everbloom, not only will you be building your customizable bouquets, but you'll also be helping to change the world, one tree at a time.